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House Renovation

Our first project. The fireplace.

The front porch.

We had all the windows and doors replaced. The original windows had the rope pulley system and were not double paned. It was freezing in the winter and every time Marta drove by it sounded like an airplane. Here are some pictures.
Before                    After

Before                          After
Notice the drain pipe coming out of the window
From the washing machine. How embarrassing.

The deck

We had an old covered porch on the side of the house. I would say it was about 5' x 2', and you risked your life if you stepped out onto it. So we added a deck.

Before                    After
We love our backyard.

The next major project, the spare bathroom. We had our favorite plumber replace all the plumbing in the entire house before we began remodeling.
Before                    After

The spare bath had only a tube. We added
a D-Bar shower. We also added a pedestal sink.
We added crown molding.
Painted the ceiling silver.

Nothing like a coat of paint and some wallpaper.

The biggest project of all.

The kitchen
Background. The kitchen had no dishwasher and about 5 cabinets. It was disgusting to say the least, and the most challenging. We enclosed a door way and smoothed the ceiling throughout. Take a look.

We had a door way enclosed for more cabinet space.

Cabinet Installation

Next we installed the counter tops and back splash.

Looking good.

next we put tile in. Yukk!!
Ceasar likes it.

The trim comes next.

More trim, baseboards, crown, etc...

It's almost done.

The final pictures

Whew! Glad that is over.

OK it's been a great break but, it's time to start the Master bath. It is pretty gross. Here we go.

Jan 2001

Never Before seen pictures

YUKK!!                                          Notice leaky faucet

Now for some improvement. We removed the toilet and sink and are putting wonder board down for the new tile floor.

The demolition

A new toilet!!! Isn't she pretty.

Sink removal                       New Sink


Old tub and shower

The demolition

Leo gets in on the act.



Green board around shower and tub.


Tiling the shower and tub.

Tiling the floor.


Grouting, my favorite thing to do.

The final showing. The walls are very dark green so I hope you can appriciate the difference.

The walls are painted a very dark green so these pictures are hard to see.
Hope these are better.


More to come.

Check out the sitting area off of the Master Bedroom.

Before, Two closets side by side.

 Putting in one big double door.

After, one double door; one big closet.

 Meanwhile we have started to repaint the house. A little history, we hired dumb and dumber to paint our house (don't ask). We fired dumb and dumber after two months and the only thing they had painted was the body of the house. So as usual we decided to do it ourselves. Take a look.


Priming and scrapping the windows. This part sucked!!!
After we prepared all the wood it was time to paint.



Looking good so far. Still lots to do.

Time to put up the shutters.
So close.

We added window boxes

Looks damn good, if I do say so myself.

Our next project

Still more to come.

Check out the rest of the house.

The living room

The spare bedroom